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Bore Cleaner

$11.99 $16.99

How our Gun Cleaner works

As soon as our bore cleaner touches your firearm or other metal surface, the liquid permeates into microcracks in the metal to the deepest level. Both debris and charred gunpowder are expelled from the metal as the cleaner dissolves and coats the debris. Once you wipe it away, all that’s left is the polished, shining surface of the metal.

Step 1: Locate the grime or tough-to-remove dirt.

Step 2: Apply Super Nano Detergent.

Step 3: Allow the product to sit on surface for a moment.

Step 4: Wipe away grime with a towel.

That's it!

General Nano Protection’s Super Nano Detergent bore cleaner:

  • Is safe to use indoors as there are no toxic fumes
  • Is safe to use on gun bluing, plastic, and polymers
  • Is scent-free and non-abrasive
  • Removes dirt and debris from bullet cartridges with powder, char residue, lead, copper, and plastic
  • Allows easy cleaning in a short period of time

Most gun owners know that firing their firearm leaves deposits inside the barrel of the gun. This is the result of the gunpowder igniting and releasing gases. The best practice is to clean the firearm as quickly as possible after firing as proper maintenance can extend the life and utility of your firearm.

All bores tend to foul to some degree during firing. When he deposits are not removed quickly enough, the accuracy and reliability of the gun can be compromised. Dirt, rust, oil, gunpowder, lead, and other particles can decrease the lifespan of your barrel by two to three times the normal deterioration rate.

Maintain your firearm and care for the other metals in your home with Super Nano Detergent from General Nano Protection today for an unparalleled clean.


Firearm Cleaner

Bore Cleaner

$11.99 $16.99

Advantages of Our Gun Cleaner

At General Nano Protection, we understand the importance of a deep clean. From built-up grime to rust, our products stop deterioration in its tracks. Our natural, non-toxic bore cleaner is perfect for a wide array of home uses as it does not damage steel, aluminum, chrome, or nickel. Designed to clean even the toughest of grime off your firearms, General Nano Protection will get the job done.

Super Nano Detergent is suitable for all types of firearms as well as air- and gas-powered weapons. There are no adverse health effects, and the resulting clean is unlike anything else on the market. Choose our cleaners for the following advantages:
  • Biodegradable and gentle, our gun cleaning solvent won’t harm metal, bluing, plastic, or the environment.
  • Our products keep your firearms and metal surfaces clean and ready to use when you need them, which makes them the ideal handgun, shotgun, and rifle bore cleaner.
  • Nano-scale shine and shield protects and fills micro cracks to prevent carbon and dirt buildup.
  • Odorless and safe for use in the home, Super Nano Protection contains no ammonia, alcohol, or toxins. It is a a non-flammable, non-abrasive bore cleaner.
  • Prolongs life and preserves accuracy by removing powder, dirt, rust, oil, and lead that can harm a firearm. It wraps and sweeps away gunpowder fouling, copper, lead, zinc and plastic. Nano Bore Cleaner then coats your handgun, rifle, or shotgun bore with a protective shield that repels debris.
Affordable, effective, and long-lasting — that’s how a good bore cleaner should be. Shop with us today to order a bottle!


Firearm Cleaner

Bore Cleaner

$11.99 $16.99


Review from Procarry Trucker
Review from Michael
Travis review
Toms review
Review from Pat
Review from Jordan
Review from Dustin
Brian from Texas
Michael from Yuba City, CA
Spring Branch Armory LLC
Link to Review: Here
Cleaning with Nano Bore Cleaner

"I was able to test it on a over under shotgun that had a ton of carbon and wad fouling. It is good at clearing carbon. I have been recommending it to other gunsmiths as well. I will be leaving a good review on your website as well. Thank you again for supporting the industry and bringing a viable environmentally safe cleaner to the market. You will have a repeat customer for life"

Thomas P. Gunsmith from Colorado

"Yessir, I did use your product, but only on 2 pistols, which had less than a few hundred rounds since their last cleaning. I'll be honest, I'm rather impressed.i was concerned that the cleaner would be too liquidy and viscus, but it has a sticky property that coats the gun and I like that a lot."
James G. Gunsmith from Colorado

"I want to thank you for the fine product I tested..I must say in all the years in gunsmithing this solvent was one of the best I've run across ..Your product should do well for you. Thank you again my friend."

Thomas W. gunsmith from Arkansas

"I have been testing the bore cleaner. I have used it it on multiple skeet class shotguns, that tend to only get cleaned once a season and shoot thousands of rounds in between. The bore cleaner is working like a charm removing the plastic wad build up without any hesitation. It’s also breaking through and cleaning up surface oxidation and build up that’s been there for a long time."
Shane S. gunsmith from Wisconsin
I have I have been cleaning a pistol that was in a very bad shape with it. Amazingly it has help get rid of the rust on the whole weapon.
Steve O. gunsmith from Tennessee 
Review from Cameron Sweeney
Rewiew from BAWS
Tom Cornelius 
Valian Unlimited
Your Product literally draws out gun fouling.
AK had 700 rounds through it

Firearm Cleaner

Bore Cleaner

$11.99 $16.99


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Advantages of Nano Bore Cleaner

Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner

Nano Bore Cleaner

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