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About Our Bore Cleaner

Our bore cleaner is incredibly effective at removing unwanted debris while preventing more materials from building up. Safe to use indoors. Super Nano Detergent is alcohol- and ammonia-free.

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Welcome to General Nano Protection Inc.

Non-abrasive, non-toxic, and highly effective — General Nano Protection offers an innovative formula at a competitive price for a revolutionary clean. This gun bore cleaners allows for a deeper clean while still keeping your firearm in top condition. Safe on metals, plastics, and polymers, this new product easily removes lead, copper, gunpowder, oil deposits, and plastic particles from your firearm and any other metal you need cleaned.

Five Stars

I liked the product its odor free and cleans great leaving a lubricant coating type.

- Mark Bardosh

Strong cleaner with no fumes!

I have to say, this product worked very well. I’ve gone to the range about 4 or 5 times (used 150 rounds each time) and haven’t cleaned or lubed my firearm. This cleaner definitely got my gun clean. I would purchase again and recommend.

- Bobby Y

Great product!

Good, quality product. Really does what it says. Would recommend to others!

- Angela Flores

Very good firearm related solvent

It is especially good for soaking parts to remove tough carbon stains, grime and other powder related corrosion.