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    As soon as our bore cleaner touches your firearm or other metal surface, the liquid permeates into microcracks in the metal to the deepest level. Both debris and charred gunpowder are expelled from the metal as the cleaner dissolves and coats the debris. Once you wipe it away, all that’s left is the polished, shining surface of the metal. results cleaning gun, gun cleaner, best gun cleaner, super nano detergent gun cleaner, bore cleaner, cleaning gun

    Step 1: Locate the grime or tough-to-remove dirt.

    Step 2: Apply Super Nano Detergent.

    Step 3: Allow the product to sit on surface for a moment.

    Step 4: Wipe away grime with a towel.

    That's it!

    General Nano Protection’s Super Nano Detergent bore cleaner:

    • Is safe to use indoors as there are no toxic fumes
    • Is safe to use on gun bluing, plastic, and polymers
    • Is scent-free and non-abrasive
    • Removes dirt and debris from bullet cartridges with powder, char residue, lead, copper, and plastic
    • Allows easy cleaning in a short period of time

    Most gun owners know that firing their firearm leaves deposits inside the barrel of the gun. This is the result of the gunpowder igniting and releasing gases. The best practice is to clean the firearm as quickly as possible after firing as proper maintenance can extend the life and utility of your firearm.

    All bores tend to foul to some degree during firing. When he deposits are not removed quickly enough, the accuracy and reliability of the gun can be compromised. Dirt, rust, oil, gunpowder, lead, and other particles can decrease the lifespan of your barrel by two to three times the normal deterioration rate.

    Maintain your firearm and care for the other metals in your home with Super Nano Detergent from General Nano Protection today for an unparalleled clean.