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    At General Nano Protection, we understand the importance of a deep clean. From built-up grime to rust, our products stop deterioration in its tracks. Our natural, non-toxic bore cleaner is perfect for a wide array of home uses as it does not damage steel, aluminum, chrome, or nickel. Designed to clean even the toughest of grime off your firearms, General Nano Protection will get the job done.
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    Super Nano Detergent is suitable for all types of firearms as well as air- and gas-powered weapons. There are no adverse health effects, and the resulting clean is unlike anything else on the market. Choose our cleaners for the following advantages:
    • Biodegradable and gentle, our gun cleaning solvent won’t harm metal, bluing, plastic, or the environment.
    • Our products keep your firearms and metal surfaces clean and ready to use when you need them, which makes them the ideal handgun, shotgun, and rifle bore cleaner.
    • Nano-scale shine and shield protects and fills micro cracks to prevent carbon and dirt buildup.
    • Odorless and safe for use in the home, Super Nano Protection contains no ammonia, alcohol, or toxins. It is a a non-flammable, non-abrasive bore cleaner.
    • Prolongs life and preserves accuracy by removing powder, dirt, rust, oil, and lead that can harm a firearm. It wraps and sweeps away gunpowder fouling, copper, lead, zinc and plastic. Nano Bore Cleaner then coats your handgun, rifle, or shotgun bore with a protective shield that repels debris.
    Affordable, effective, and long-lasting — that’s how a good bore cleaner should be. Shop with us today to order a bottle!