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Gun Cleaner

General Nano Protection Inc.

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Give Your Gun What It Deserves!

Scientifically proven to be fast, safe and effective.

  • A cleaner that is easy to apply.
  • Contains no solids and will not damage steel, aluminium, chrome, nickel, or polymer.
  • Removes copper, gunpowder, lead, plastic particles, and oils.
  • Repels carbon, dust and dirt.
  • Protects against corrosion.

Super Nano Bore Cleaner is the safest and easiest to use bore cleaner out there. We created this formula to provide our customers with unmatched cleaning results that also help to protect your firearm. It's as simple as:

1. Apply the liquid to the gun.

2. Allow the liquid to penetrate and lift debris.

3. Wipe away with a cloth...That's it!

Order today and experience the best results you’ve ever had in a gun cleaner.

  • 4.7 Fluid Ounces Per Bottle.
  • No Ammonia or Alcohol.
  • Safe for Indoor Use.
  • Safe for Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, and Revolvers.



Tom Cornelius (NRA Certified Firearm Instructor): "It literally washes out gun fouling" 


Cleaned, without inhaling toxic fumes, like ammonia. Which is highly hydrophobic, destroys your gun, causes rust and affect your lung. 

We even cleaned guns without gloves, to show you that it is non-toxic. 

With Nano Bore cleaner you can clean your firearm indoors. Nano Bore Cleaner is without nasty and toxic odor. 

But our team did not stop here. With the unique formula of Nano Bore Cleaner, you will not only have great cleaning results, the application of the Formula protects your firearm against Rust. 

Although it is not a Lubricant, the Nano Bore Cleaner protects against rust. If you live in the area with high humidity, that is the right product for you. 


 How it Works

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