Super Nano detergent Waterless & Wax 3 in 1 automotive
Super Nano detergent Waterless & Wax 3 in 1 automotive

Super Nano detergent Waterless & Wax 3 in 1 automotive

General Nano Protection Inc.

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Cleaner-polish for the car. Cleans and polishes all painted parts of the car: wings, hood, doors, roof, trunk, bumpers, etc.

DESCRIPTION OF THE KIT: Super Nano Detergent AUTO WATERLESS & WAX 3 IN 1 SET – a method of waterless washing, polishing and protecting the car paintwork surface. Set contains enough for washing 3-5 cars: trigger 750 ml, disposable gloves, 3 towels made of microfibre to remove dirt and polish, spray bottle 150ml. for cleaning glass and plastic.

PROPERTIES: Reduces the adhesion of contaminants.
Penetrates beneath the layer of dirt, and enveloping it, removes it from the surface.
Cleans dirt and the remnants of insects without scratching the surface.
Forms a polymer nanocover.
Creates a hydrophobic effect, repelling water and dirt.
Provides long-term protection of the car's surface.
Protects surfaces and facilitates subsequent cleaning and maintenance.
Prevents aging and burning out of the paint by the sunlight.
Improves the appearance.
Protects surfaces from re-contamination.
Saves time.
It is a safe and environmentally friendly product.
Does not leave dirty stains, stripes or haze.
Can be used to clean and protect chrome parts.
Significantly reduces cleaning and polishing times.
Does not require special equipment.

APPLICATION AREA: It is used to protect electrical equipment: terminals, adapters, electrical contacts, generators, high-voltage wires, ignition coils, battery terminals, generators, car lighting, etc.


  1. Shake the bottle with the trigger for 30 seconds before use.
  2. Evenly spray the composition onto the surface of the car from a distance of 15-20 cm.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes. The dirt will begin to drain from the surface of the car.
  4. Use a microfibre towel to clean dirt from the surface.
  5. Remove any residual moisture with a clean microfibre towel.
  6. Polish the surface of the car to make it shine.
  7. Clean-polish to produce in a circle: separately polish each element of the car (bonnet, front bumper, wing, front door, tailgate, boot, rear bumper).
  8. Do not allow the formulation to dry completely on the surface of the vehicle.
  9. Do not apply to a hot surface.
  10. Do not apply in direct sunlight.


CONSUMPTION OF THE PRODUCT: One set is enough for cleaning and polishing 3-5 cars, depending on how dirty the vehicles are, the size of the vehicles and the frequency of application. After two applications, all subsequent polishing will be faster and more economical, due to the protective layer that forms on the surface, which is easily to clean and polish.

DOES NOT CONTAIN HARMFUL SUBSTANCES : No Phosphates, No Toxins, No VOC, No SLS, No Butyl, No Ammonia, No Solvents, No Acids, No SLES.

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