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    News — new logo

    Goodbye old Logo

    Goodbye old Logo

    General Nano Protection changes its Logo

    Goodbye old Logo

    We have used this Logo on more than hundred of thousands of bottles world wide. It served us well.


    From now on all our products will be labeled with the new Logo. With the implementation of the new Logo General Nano Protection Inc. (a.k.a. GNP Solution) goes in the second phase of the company existence. We are looking forward to the next decades of successful collaboration with all our partners and with our huge GNP family (all our clients) 


    There are several versions of the new Logo. Here are the most common ones. 


    Please be aware that the the products produced before 11th July 2018, will still have the old Logo on the Label. 


    General Nano Protection Inc.

    11th July 2018