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    Review of Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner on 1911 and Glock

    Review of Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner on 1911 and Glock

    Here is a review of Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner (a.k.a. Nano Bore Cleaner) From Cameron Sweeney from California.


    Hello my name is Cameron Sweeney and I had an opportunity to test drive Nano Gun Detergent. First, let me point out I have tried many types of gun cleaners as I have served with law enforcement, military (USMC) and competition shootings. Nano Detergent made cleaning these handguns very easy in that it broke down the powder and lifted it to the surface where I could wipe it away. Numerous times with other cleaners I had to re-apply to get the gun powder off hand guns or rifles, but with Nano Detergent, I didn't need to re-apply. Basically, more bang for your buck. I would highly recommend this product and I will continue to use it.


    Let the following pictures talk for themselves. 

    Glock and EMP 1911 cleaning with nano bore cleaner


    Nano Bore cleaner, How to clean Glock and EMP 1911

    Before Glock


    Glock nano bore cleaner

    After Glock

    how to clean Glock. Cleaning Glock with Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner

    Clean slide from Glock

    Clean Glock slide with Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner

    Before Pictures of EMP 1911Slide EMP cleaning with Nano Bore Cleaner

    dirty slide of EMP 1911

    Dirty bore of 1911 EMP

    After Picture of the Slide of 1911 EMP

    Clean Slide of 1911 EMP, cleaning with Nano Bore cleaner


    Before Picture of Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 

    Springfield EMP 1911 Dirty bore

    After Picture

    The Bore of 1911 EMP is clean.  

    Clean Bore 1911 EMP Springfield Armory, cleaning with nano bore cleaner



    Thank you for allowing me to try this product I really did like it and thought it made it easier and shorter time in cleaning my guns.

    BAWS Evaluation of Super NANO Bore Cleaner 5th June 2018

    BAWS Evaluation of Super NANO Bore Cleaner 5th June 2018


    Test Object

    Tested Platform:  Custom G19 Gen4 by:  BAWS, LLC

    Rounds fired:  75 

    Ammo: HornadyCritical Defense Rounds 147 Grain

    Benchmark:  Weapon cleaned prior with Super NANO only

    Tested by:  Corey B. James, CEO and President of BAWS, LLC



    Glock G19 Gen4

    4 wet patches Super NANO

    First patch saturated with Super NANO Detergent Bore Cleaner on looped cotton patch

    Stroked one-direction 5 times

    Left wet bore for 25 min.

    2ndPatch Saturated Wet with Super Nano ran in bore once in and once out

    Let sit for 10 min.

    3rdPatch - Wetted with Super NANO Bore Cleaner ran 5 strokes breech to muzzle

    4thPatch was dry, stroked 4 passes.

    Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner (Nano Bore Cleaner) Cleaning pistols Glock


    Nano Bore Cleaner did rapidly dissolve the damaging Carbon Deposits. 

    About BAWS: 

    Visit us on the web@ http://www.bayouadvancedweaponsystems.com


    Talk directly to the Gunsmith @ 731-607-6527 - we are builders of the fastest 6.5mm to 458 caliber weapons on Planet Earth. We have no equal. Speed and Accuracy are really all relative to how much you are willing to spend for the ultimate in High-Performance, Professional-Grade Weapons. We do not compromise in any build. It is the best or nothing. PERIOD!

    We take your dreams to reality, you are part of the process of the build in any weapon that we engineer to your order. It is the best because of your needs and desires, we simply make it better and forge it to reality with the craftsmanship and engineering that has absolutely no equal with any other builder. Why? Because we build with your dreams... and integrate your passion into our passion of building the finest weapons made.


    Review from Spring Branch Armory LLC

    Review from Spring Branch Armory LLC

    Spring Branch Armory LLC - Certified Gunsmith 22 years experience in Gunsmithing
    Spring Branch Armory LLC
    263 Spring Branch Road
    Marion VA 24354
    Call: (276) 521-0421
    Mon - Fri. 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Saturday 10a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


    I am Darrel Wix, Owner and Master Gunsmith at Spring Branch Armory LLC. Located in 
    Marion VA. We received and have tested out the Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner (Nano bore Cleaner). I have used many different products on the market. I have to say, me and my workers are impressed! Below I will highlight each project as we done them.

    1st Test


    We picked out some really dirty and neglected firearms to use for this review. We wanted to give a true test to this product. We also have one which is a good kept rifle. We wanted to see if any improvements are achieved by using, Nano Bore cleaner to other regular used cleaners on the market.

    Testing Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner on Rifle


    As you can see after two sweeps of the brush it is already pulling away the Nitro residue from the metal surfaces with very minimal effort. We brushed the chamber 20 times total still only using a Nylon brush and patches to apply the Nano Bore Cleaner.

    Cleaning Barrel with Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner


    Cleaning Rifles Barrel with Nano Bore Cleaner


    Cleaning Barrel With Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner

    After 20 sweeps through receiver with minimal effort. The results are very good. The caked in nitro residue and gun oil are pulled away from the metal. This gun will require a full break down to clean it entirely. Our focus is on the path of the area we used to clean with the bore brush and cleaner.


    Clean Barrel after using Nano Bore Cleaner


    As you can see it cleanly removed the residue of the path of the brush. Again this was with minimal effort. This cleaner done very well removing everything in the brushes path! We could not get photos of the bore. Due to the small diameter our camera would not focus on it to detail a clear picture.

    2nd Test

    Here is our 2nd test This is the bore of a very rough .50 caliber CVA Staghorn this gun was brought to use loaded and had been for many years. We removed the load and now we will perform see how clean this we can get this bore using Recommended instruction on the Nano Bore Cleaner.

    Cleaning Pistol With Nano Bore Cleaner


    We used patches to liberally soak the inside. Then we let cleaner set in the bore for 15 mins before we used a nylon brush in the bore. We brushed it 25 times before using 3 more patches with cleaner again. After a short soak clean patches were run through till they came out clean.

    Cleaning Pistol with Nano Bore Cleaner


    Cleaning pistol with Nano Bore Cleaner

    This was way better than we expected. Most everyone knows neglected muzzleloaders will have deep pitting like this one. But the removal of residue is impressive. It exceeded our expectations!


    3rd Test 

    We decided to give test on a gun that was already cleaned recently with Hoppe’s Nitro solvent and lubricated after cleaning with Rem Oil. To see if this cleaner would do any better on this 1954 Mosin Nagant M44.


    Cleaning Mosin with Nano Bore Cleaner


    Cleaning with Nano Bore Cleaner


    This is what the patches looked like after brushing the bore.

    Clean Barrel after using Nano Bore Cleaner

    The Nano Bore Cleaner we used on our firearms has been a wonderful product to use. It has shown us that it is a great product to use of firearms. Most cleaners on the market have aggressive smell. This does cause problems for people storing firearms in a household, or in shops like ours. Using Nano Bore Cleaner has been a big change from those traditional solvents and has Great cleaning power as well. We use Hopps solvents regularly as well as Rem Oil and I can say with full confidence i am impressed. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being a poor experience and 10 being the best we have ever used, we have to score it a 10 due to all the perks to using this product. This is a product we would all recommend to others for use in home or for business. This product has all thumbs up here.


    Thank you,

    Darrel Wix
    Master Gunsmith
    Spring Branch Armory LLC



    Bore Cleaner Solvent suitable for all firearms

    Bore Cleaner Solvent suitable for all firearms

    Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner By GNP Solution - Is A Great Gun Cleaner Completely Nontoxic


    • Nano Bore Cleaner is NONTOXIC and BIODEGRADABLE. Other gun solvents use noxious chemicals. Nano Bore Cleaner's innovative formula does not contain ingredients that cause poisonous fumes. It is ODORLESS and can be USED INDOORS. Convenient for professionals to use on a daily basis.


    • WITHOUT AMMONIA, ALCOHOL AND ABRASIVE SOLIDS Nano Bore Cleaner provides outstanding results. Nano Bore Cleaner coats debris and particles which can then be removed with a cloth or rag. The surface is left with a protective film.



     Bore Cleaner, gun solvent, gun cleaner

    • The innovative formula penetrates and spreads along metal surfaces into every nook and cranny to undercut debris and lift away residue. REMOVES LEAD, COPPER, POWDER AND CHARRED GUNPOWDER, OIL DEPOSITS AND PLASTIC PARTICLES from all firearm surfaces. Application of Nano Bore Cleaner REPELS DIRT, RUST AND CARBON.


    • Concerned gun owners ask the question, "Will this cleaning solution damage my firearms?" The answer is, Nano Bore Cleaner WILL NOT DAMAGE STEEL, ALUMINUM, CHROME, NICKEL, GUN BLUING, PLASTIC OR POLYMERS.


    bore cleaner (super nano detergent bore cleaner)


    • Thin application of Nano Bore Claner to firearm surfaces leaves a thin layer of protection on the metals, giving SUPERIOR CORROSION PROTECTION. It is NON-FLAMMABLE and is well SUITED FOR ALL of your FIREARM NEEDS.



    Nano Bore Cleaner is designed to sweep away gunpowder fouling, copper, lead, zinc and plastic. It is a high-performance product, which effectively cleans bores in rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers. Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner is safe, environmentally friendly and meets all industry standards for small arms maintenance. From the moment of contact, active ingredients in Nano Bore Cleaner permeate into the metal and micro-cracks on a nanoscale level. Debris and charred gunpowder are separate from metal. Nano Bore Cleaner dissolves and coats the debris, effectively removing the debris and cleaning the surface of the metal. Nontoxic Nano Bore Cleaner is safe to use indoors especially when toxic fumes are an issue. Safe on gun bluing, plastic and polymers. It is Scent-free, Nonabrasive, safe cleaner for removal of dirt and debris from bullet cartridges with powder, char residue, lead, copper and plastic. The innovative formula of Nano Bore Cleaner allows ease of cleaning in a short period of time. Safe to use daily. Easily removes lead, copper, powder and charred gunpowder, oil deposits and plastic particles.



       super nano detergent bore cleaner (gun cleaner)




      Special thanks to Dennis Cherenkov for the pictures