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    News — gun

    Introducing our new partner Shootingitwiththesarge

    Introducing our new partner Shootingitwiththesarge


    Matthew Hager a.k.a. Shootingitwiththesarge served several years in the US Army as an Infantryman and a Military Police Officer. While serving in those career fields he served in several positions including the following: Primary Marksmanship Instructor, Team Leader, Squad Leader, and UML Cadre. 

    Today he is one of the BEST Firearm instructors. Demonstrating and sharing his skills primary at Red River Firearms in Sherman Texas. 

    General Nano Protection Inc. team is glad to have him as Partner and Friend. 



    Now Matthew has his on School caller Dynamic Problem Solving

    Dynamic Problem Solving, Shooting range, firearm instructor, Nra, Bore Cleaner, gun-solution, nano bore cleaner, best gun cleaner, how to clean gun

    Please check out his Instagram profile and sign up.

    Meanwhile if you are in Texas sign up for his classes. Here is a sneak peak for you.

    🔥 🔥 🔥




     Please visit Matthews Youtube Channel for more awesomeVideos.