Bore Cleaner Solvent suitable for all firearms

Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner By GNP Solution - Is A Great Gun Cleaner Completely Nontoxic


  • Nano Bore Cleaner is NONTOXIC and BIODEGRADABLE. Other gun solvents use noxious chemicals. Nano Bore Cleaner's innovative formula does not contain ingredients that cause poisonous fumes. It is ODORLESS and can be USED INDOORS. Convenient for professionals to use on a daily basis.


  • WITHOUT AMMONIA, ALCOHOL AND ABRASIVE SOLIDS Nano Bore Cleaner provides outstanding results. Nano Bore Cleaner coats debris and particles which can then be removed with a cloth or rag. The surface is left with a protective film.



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  • The innovative formula penetrates and spreads along metal surfaces into every nook and cranny to undercut debris and lift away residue. REMOVES LEAD, COPPER, POWDER AND CHARRED GUNPOWDER, OIL DEPOSITS AND PLASTIC PARTICLES from all firearm surfaces. Application of Nano Bore Cleaner REPELS DIRT, RUST AND CARBON.


  • Concerned gun owners ask the question, "Will this cleaning solution damage my firearms?" The answer is, Nano Bore Cleaner WILL NOT DAMAGE STEEL, ALUMINUM, CHROME, NICKEL, GUN BLUING, PLASTIC OR POLYMERS.


bore cleaner (super nano detergent bore cleaner)


  • Thin application of Nano Bore Claner to firearm surfaces leaves a thin layer of protection on the metals, giving SUPERIOR CORROSION PROTECTION. It is NON-FLAMMABLE and is well SUITED FOR ALL of your FIREARM NEEDS.



Nano Bore Cleaner is designed to sweep away gunpowder fouling, copper, lead, zinc and plastic. It is a high-performance product, which effectively cleans bores in rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers. Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner is safe, environmentally friendly and meets all industry standards for small arms maintenance. From the moment of contact, active ingredients in Nano Bore Cleaner permeate into the metal and micro-cracks on a nanoscale level. Debris and charred gunpowder are separate from metal. Nano Bore Cleaner dissolves and coats the debris, effectively removing the debris and cleaning the surface of the metal. Nontoxic Nano Bore Cleaner is safe to use indoors especially when toxic fumes are an issue. Safe on gun bluing, plastic and polymers. It is Scent-free, Nonabrasive, safe cleaner for removal of dirt and debris from bullet cartridges with powder, char residue, lead, copper and plastic. The innovative formula of Nano Bore Cleaner allows ease of cleaning in a short period of time. Safe to use daily. Easily removes lead, copper, powder and charred gunpowder, oil deposits and plastic particles.



     super nano detergent bore cleaner (gun cleaner)




    Special thanks to Dennis Cherenkov for the pictures

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