BAWS Evaluation of Super NANO Bore Cleaner 5th June 2018


Test Object

Tested Platform:  Custom G19 Gen4 by:  BAWS, LLC

Rounds fired:  75 

Ammo: HornadyCritical Defense Rounds 147 Grain

Benchmark:  Weapon cleaned prior with Super NANO only

Tested by:  Corey B. James, CEO and President of BAWS, LLC



Glock G19 Gen4

4 wet patches Super NANO

First patch saturated with Super NANO Detergent Bore Cleaner on looped cotton patch

Stroked one-direction 5 times

Left wet bore for 25 min.

2ndPatch Saturated Wet with Super Nano ran in bore once in and once out

Let sit for 10 min.

3rdPatch - Wetted with Super NANO Bore Cleaner ran 5 strokes breech to muzzle

4thPatch was dry, stroked 4 passes.

Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner (Nano Bore Cleaner) Cleaning pistols Glock


Nano Bore Cleaner did rapidly dissolve the damaging Carbon Deposits. 

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