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    Introducing our new partner Shootingitwiththesarge

    Introducing our new partner Shootingitwiththesarge


    Matthew Hager a.k.a. Shootingitwiththesarge served several years in the US Army as an Infantryman and a Military Police Officer. While serving in those career fields he served in several positions including the following: Primary Marksmanship Instructor, Team Leader, Squad Leader, and UML Cadre. 

    Today he is one of the BEST Firearm instructors. Demonstrating and sharing his skills primary at Red River Firearms in Sherman Texas. 

    General Nano Protection Inc. team is glad to have him as Partner and Friend. 



    Now Matthew has his on School caller Dynamic Problem Solving

    Dynamic Problem Solving, Shooting range, firearm instructor, Nra, Bore Cleaner, gun-solution, nano bore cleaner, best gun cleaner, how to clean gun

    Please check out his Instagram profile and sign up.

    Meanwhile if you are in Texas sign up for his classes. Here is a sneak peak for you.

    🔥 🔥 🔥




     Please visit Matthews Youtube Channel for more awesomeVideos.








    Unique-ARs now offers the versatile Unique-grip. The Unique-ARs Grip customizes the AR platform in a way no other does. This completely customizable Unique-Grip perfectly conforms to each shooter’s hand, regardless of size, shape, strength or dominance. This ergonomic pistol grip adjusts exactly to your hand to reduce fatigue and improves performance. The patented functionality of the grip allows it to compensate for the natural twist of every shooter’s hand. Instant fit, instant comfort. Made of space-age polymers this grip easily installs on all mil-spec AR platform rifles. Simply grip it, lock it, and fire away. The weight of the Unique-Grip is 4.2 oz.

    Unique-ars.com and gnpsolution.com

    The new​ ​UAR Unique-Gripis designed with the individual shooter in mind. This grip has a revolutionary new design which allows for a perfect fit for each and every shooter’s hand. With a simple quick adjustment, it can go from a righty to a lefty, from a large hand to small hand, to a perfect fit every time. The grip molds to the shooters hand, but can be reset quickly for a new shooter, or new hand position.

    Unique-ars.com gnpsolution.com super nano detergent bore cleaner

    The Unique-Grip is available for immediate purchase at Unique-ARs.comor Unique-Grips.com Unique-ARs

    Make it your own

    Media Contact:

    Katie Lynn Strode

    401A S.Mission st
    PO Box 463
    McCall ID 83638
    888-982-8386 Ex: 707



    super nano detergent unique-ars

    Proud to present Combative Firearms Training, LLC

    Proud to present Combative Firearms Training, LLC

    Combative Firearms Training, LLC provides the very best, most relevant, and real world firearms and instructor training available anywhere.

    You have many choices when it comes to selecting your firearms instructor.  Todd & Chrystal Fletcher not only teach classes as a team, but they have the experience to help you improve your skills.  Todd & Chrystal have taught from coast to coast all over the United States.  They have trained shooters and instructors in every state as well as instructors from Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago, and Canada.

    Here are some spoilers of what you receive when you signup with Combative Firearms Training

    Super fast Christal is presenting her skills. If you are willing to invest time and effort, you can learn that as well. 

    In addition to teaching all over the United States, Todd & Chrystal have written numerous articles for a wide variety of firearms instructor, firearm enthusiasts, law enforcement, and training publications. Todd & Chrystal write regular columns for PoliceOne.com, Police & Security News, and multiple instructor development organizations.  Articles include active shooter response, building searches, leadership, instructor development, reality-based training, and much more!

    Teaching shooting, tactical training. Super Nano Detergent

    Don't trust just anyone for your firearms training....lives depend on it.  Let us prove to you what many shooters and instructors across the country already know....Combative Firearms Training builds better shooters and instructors!

    Teaching tactical, firearm instructor, super nano detergent, gun cleaner


    You are in the right hands! See how experienced they are. Here is a just small extract of the bio of Todd and Chrystal 


    Todd can be contacted at Todd@CombativeFirearms.com.

    940-445-1110 (Todd)

    Todd Fletcher, Firearms instructor. nano bore cleaner
    Todd Fletcher has over 23 years of law enforcement experience and is a multi-discipline instructor providing Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Handgun, Carbine & Shotgun training.  Additionally, Todd is certified to provide training in Integrated Use of Force, Empty Hand Control Tactics, Collapsible Baton, Pepper Spray and Use of Force. He is also an AR-15/M-16/M-4, Glock armorer, Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol armorer, and SIG Sauer P320 Pistol armorer.

    Todd is a staff instructor for the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) Master Instructor Development Program.  He is also a staff instructor and charter member for the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association (NLEFIA).  He has provided training at various regional, national, and international conferences for law enforcement, private security, and military personnel including numerous International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Conferences and IALEFI conferences.

    Todd has written a multitude of firearms training articles for professional publications for ILEETA, NLEFIA and IALEFI covering topics such as Coaching the Fundamentals, Concealed Carry, Balancing Speed and Accuracy, Low Light Tactics, Using Lasers, Building Searches, Leadership, and Advanced Firearms Training.  H
    e is also one of the select Expert Contributors for PoliceOne, the leading online resource for law enforcement with over 3 million visitors per month.  In addition, he is a regular columnist for Police & Security News.  He has trained and provided consultation services for law enforcement agencies, contract security, military personnel, and armed citizens from coast to coast.  He has also testified as an expert witness in cases involving police training and use of force.

    Todd incorporates this experience when training new shooters to understand and develop fundamental firearms skills.  He helps intermediate shooters to take those skills to the next level by combining the fundamentals with real life training scenarios.  Finally, Todd teaches intermediate, advanced, and expert shooters how to prevail in today's world using the lessons learned from real life shooting scenarios.

    Todd believes in “leadership by example” and uses this approach while teaching classes.  He believes students learn best following a philosophy of “hear— see — do”.  This building block approach to training allows students to hear what they are going to do, then see what they are going to do, then execute on what was explained and demonstrated.

    Todd believes skill development (the “how’s”), is only one of the overall goals of firearms training.  A shooter needs to understand how to self-diagnose marksmanship and tactical errors (the “why’s”) to develop a true proficiency and expertise in firearms. Understanding the “why’s” allows shooters to self-correct mistakes leading to a rapid improvement of their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

     Chrystal can be contacted at Chrystal@CombativeFirearms.com.

    541-598-8372 (Chrystal)

    Chrystal Fletcher, Firearm Instructor, Bore Cleaner, Super Nano Detergent
    Chrystal is an owner of Combative Firearms Training, LLC providing firearms training, instructor development classes, and force response training to law enforcement, military, private security, and armed citizens.  She is a firearms instructor and Glock Armorer who has presented instructor development training at multiple regional, national, and international conferences including International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (IALEFI) Annual Training Conferences, Regional Training Conferences, and Master Instructor Development classes as well as the 
    International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Conference.

    Chrystal has written multiple articles for professional publications covering a wide variety of topics including instructor development and leadership, the professional development of female instructors, the importance of getting women involved in the shooting sports, and has personal insight into surviving marriage to a police officer.  Chrystal is a regular contributor to the ILEETA Journal, the IALEFI Firearms Instructor magazine, and the NLEFIA Rangemaster magazine.  She is also one of the select PoliceOne Columnists, the leading online resource for law enforcement with over 3 million visitors per month.

    Chrystal has trained with some of the most widely known firearms instructors in the world.  She takes a hands-on approach to training.  She believes in practicing what she preaches and continuously challenges herself to improve her own skills.  She does this by competing in handgun and 3-gun competition and by demonstrating skills and drills during all classes.  Chrystal is the instructor who demonstrates nearly every drill run during all of our classes including the instructor development classes.  
    She is an excellent role model for all levels of shooters, and this is proven in our classes.

    Chrystal’s goal is to help all shooters feel comfortable and safe on the range.  During our classes, she provides outstanding one-on-one training opportunities.  Her exceptional communication skills on the range provide meaningful feedback to novice as well as advanced shooters.  When it comes to Building Better Shooters and diagnosing shooter errors, there are few as good as Chrystal.

     Instructor Courses:

    Advanced Firearms Instructor Diagnostics
    Advanced Handgun Instructor Course
    Advanced Carbine Instructor Course

    Active Shooter Instructor Certification
    Building Better Shooters - Advanced Instructor Development
    Developing Combative Speed & Accuracy

    Comprehensive Handgun
    Comprehensive Carbine

    Contact information:

    Combative Firearms Training, LLC
    Phone:  541-598-8372 (Chrystal)
                 940-445-1110 (Todd)

    Email:  CombativeFirearmsTraining@gmail.com

    Social media:




    Review of Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner on 1911 and Glock

    Review of Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner on 1911 and Glock

    Here is a review of Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner (a.k.a. Nano Bore Cleaner) From Cameron Sweeney from California.


    Hello my name is Cameron Sweeney and I had an opportunity to test drive Nano Gun Detergent. First, let me point out I have tried many types of gun cleaners as I have served with law enforcement, military (USMC) and competition shootings. Nano Detergent made cleaning these handguns very easy in that it broke down the powder and lifted it to the surface where I could wipe it away. Numerous times with other cleaners I had to re-apply to get the gun powder off hand guns or rifles, but with Nano Detergent, I didn't need to re-apply. Basically, more bang for your buck. I would highly recommend this product and I will continue to use it.


    Let the following pictures talk for themselves. 

    Glock and EMP 1911 cleaning with nano bore cleaner


    Nano Bore cleaner, How to clean Glock and EMP 1911

    Before Glock


    Glock nano bore cleaner

    After Glock

    how to clean Glock. Cleaning Glock with Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner

    Clean slide from Glock

    Clean Glock slide with Super Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner

    Before Pictures of EMP 1911Slide EMP cleaning with Nano Bore Cleaner

    dirty slide of EMP 1911

    Dirty bore of 1911 EMP

    After Picture of the Slide of 1911 EMP

    Clean Slide of 1911 EMP, cleaning with Nano Bore cleaner


    Before Picture of Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 

    Springfield EMP 1911 Dirty bore

    After Picture

    The Bore of 1911 EMP is clean.  

    Clean Bore 1911 EMP Springfield Armory, cleaning with nano bore cleaner



    Thank you for allowing me to try this product I really did like it and thought it made it easier and shorter time in cleaning my guns.